Thursday, July 29, 2010

Letter on Environmentalism's Doomsday Predictions

I wrote this letter in response to this column in today’s New York Times. Thanks to OEditors Paul Hsieh and Amit Ghate for their edits that improved my letter. Here's hoping it gets published!

To the Editor:

(Re: “The Right and the Climate,” by Ross Douthat, July 25, 2010)

Overpopulation and worldwide famine weren't the only 1970's-era doomsday predictions that never came true. Environmentalists also falsely predicted catastrophic man-made “global cooling.” The so-called consensus among them then was that industrial man was driving the planet toward another cataclysmic Ice Age.

However, as that cooling cycle naturally gave way to a warming one, the greens switched the alarm to “global warming.” Now, as that cycle has started to trend back toward a cooling earth, they’ve again cooked up yet another scenario, this time the ambiguous, all-purpose “climate change.”

Those who are merely skeptical of the environmentalists’ doomsday scenarios should call their methodology for what it truly is: pseudo-science.

Joseph Kellard


Steve D said...

Of course if the climate doesn't change for several years, the eviromentalist's cry will be: "Man is stagnating the environment and preventing natural climate change. We are all going to die!

Joseph Kellard said...

Steve: Thanks for your comment. There is no end to this issue, not at least until the environmentalists are seriously challenged on epistemological and moral grounds.

Lemming Master said...

This is a tough sell to true believers, who are into environmentalism because "it just feels right." Good luck trying to smuggle a rational argument through the guardians at the limbic gate.