Monday, January 11, 2010

A Vacation from Global Warming

By Joseph Kellard

So here’s the Global Warmists’ latest evasion that they’re working feverishly to concoct: Those among them who acknowledge what is, in reality, the current, cyclical cooling trend are trying to paint it as a mere blip on the way to an Earth that will someday still fry. The Daily Mail reports:

“Could we be in for 30 years of global COOLING?”

Here's the key passage from this report:

”'The extreme retreats that we have seen in glaciers and sea ice will come to a halt. For the time being, global warming has paused, and there may well be some cooling.'”

“Many meteorologists have blamed the current freeze on 'Arctic oscillation' - a weather pattern in which areas of high pressure have pushed the warming jetstream away from Britain. They have insisted this temporary change will have no effect on long-term warming patterns.”

So to the Warmists the cooling trend is a "pause" or a "temporary" change (i.e., “climate change”) that will have no long-term impact on our Earth’s destiny … global warming. The mysticism from those who worship at the First Church of Global Warming just never ceases.


Myrhaf said...

Since the '80s the environmentalists have used every heat wave to stir up hysteria about AGW. As others have observed, when it's warm, it's climate; when it's cold, it's weather.

Joseph Kellard said...


I agree with you. But what exactly is the correlation between climate and weather? Is climate is the primary and thus the cause of weather? What’s the distinction between the two?


Steve D said...

Assuming the AGW theory is correct there is no reason to expect that the temperature must rise in a linear manner. If for example the earth's temperature would have dropped 2 degrees but because of the CO2 in the atmosphere it only drops 1 degree then compared to the temperature it would have been it is actually higher.

For the same reason even if the earth warms that doesn't mean it was caused by CO2.

Still, one would expect a man made effect to be superimposed on natural cycles rather than eliminating them completely.

This can't be determined by short trends in temperature. The evidence and the arguement have to be evaluated on their own merit.

Regarding the distinction between weather and climate they are essentially two different concepts with a very complex but somewhat tenuous relationship. There are all sorts of short term chaotic effects which give rise to weather; climate has an effect on this but rather indirect and mostly at a statistical level. After all even if the climate is very dry it can still rain, albeit less often.

Joseph Kellard said...

Steve: Thanks for your comment. My position is not the narrow view of pointing to the cold weather on this continent and saying: See, global warming is a myth. But that's what the warmists essentially do.