Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Peace Process War

I dashed off the following letter, in response to Anne Applebaum’s column “It’s a War Process,” and emailed it to the editor at the Washington Post. A nod must go to commentator Robert Tracinski, who years ago coined the excellent phrase "the Peace Process War."

To the Editor:

[Re: “It’s a War Process,” by Anne Applebaum, Jan. 6, 2009]

Israel’s ongoing wars with her Islamic aggressors can best be described collectively as “the Peace Process War.”

It underscores the theater of the absurd that is this process. It essentially goes like this: Israel’s enemies attack her, Israel retaliates in self-defense, and all outsiders clamor for a cease fire and peace negotiations. And then, after Israel’s concessions are made, this whole process -- this cycle of Islamic aggression -- starts all over again.

In reality, Israel has every right to exist and destroy her aggressors; Hamas, an Iranian-back terrorist group, has no right to exist, let alone exact negotiations and concessions from Israel.

More fundamentally, Israel must destroy the root of this hydra of Islamic aggression: Iran. Israel must utterly wipe out Iran’s ruling clerics, nuclear facilities, military institutions and mosques that regularly chant “death to Israel.”

Only then will peace have a chance.

Joseph Kellard
East Meadow, NY


Burgess Laughlin said...

Joseph, thank you for showing your letter. It is clear, blunt, and principled. It is also inspiring.

Joseph Kellard said...


Thank you for your comment on my letter and your good words about it.

~ JK