Saturday, February 9, 2008

Abstaining from Voting

By Joseph Kellard

As circumstances currently stand, I do not plan to vote for either McCain or Hillary in November, if they are indeed the last two candidates standing. I know little about Obama; I haven't paid much attention to the primaries -- but what I do know leads me to believe he has many more flaws than virtues. (If I recall correctly, at his coming-out party at the Democratic National Convention in 2004, he completely turned the essence of the Declaration of Independence on its head to appear as if it supported his collectivist politics.)

Depending on who I think will win as the November election nears, I will probably vote for a Republican Congress if Hillary is the favorite, and I will do the opposite if McCain is likely to win. I always root for gridlock and bickering between the two parties -- with the hope that increasingly more Americans will get disgusted with both sides and seek an alternative: Objectivism. (Unfortunately, however, I think the danger here is that many Americans, being the un-philosophical lot that they are, will turn to Libertarianism instead.)

As I see it, McCain is the poster boy for all that is wrong with conservatism, and considering his uber-pragmatism, a la George W. Bush, I’m not buying his words that he’ll he “tough” on Islamic terrorists. And I simply will not vote for Hillary -- a transparent power-luster who will undoubtedly seek to socialize medical care once again, especially if given a leftist Congress -- as way of opposing McCain and sticking it to the Republicans.

Joseph Kellard is a journalist and columnist living in New York.

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Rational Jenn said...

I always root for gridlock and bickering between the two parties. . . .

Hooray! Me, too! Since none of the candidates meet my standards, then my standard becomes "gridlock." If they're all fighting among themselves, there's less time to mess with the lives of law-abiding citizens. Now how exactly I plan to vote I haven't figured out just yet.

My other voting strategy, and my husband and sister use this, too, is "humor." But since Dennis Kucinich is out, there's no chance of laughing at all. :o)

Joseph Kellard said...


Thank you for your reply to my post. I remember back in the 1990s, when Hillary and her husband tried to push complete socialized medical care on us, and the Contract with America Republicans opposed her, the government in Washington around that time shut down. The federal government actually closed down for a day or two or three, if I remember correctly. Talk about gridlock!

Ah, I dream that those days will return. And that’s why, if Hillary is likely to return to the White House (this time voted to wear the pants in her family), I’ll vote for a Republican Congress (and encourage others to do so), with the expectation that the GOP will return to opposing every leftist move she makes. In my experience, the Republicans seem to be at their best when a Democrat is commander-in-chief. While I can only hope this hasn’t changed about them, I’m not counting on it, given the right’s support for two total pragmatists, George W. Bush and John McCain; given how McCain, Gingrich and other conservatives are running to embrace typical leftist causes, such as environmentalism; and given the seeming minority now of secularist, pro-free market Republicans.

Joseph Kellard

Anonymous said...

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I just thought this was worth sharing.
THANKS, Richard Durand

Joseph Kellard said...

Richard: Thank you for sharing that story. It was great. I took your comment and posted in the comments section of that particular article.