Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Heroes Hike in New York Magazine

New York magazine has a very brief article on the New York Heroes Society's "Heroes Hike" to Breakneck Ridge in Cold Spring. While I've participated in this hike up the mountain a few times over the past few years, I missed the the bi-annual hike last month, but did make the hike last fall, which is captured in the article's accompany photo (that's me on the far right).


Here's a slightly edited version of what I wrote about the Heroe's Hike on my MySpace blog last September:

"Meanwhile, in early October, during my vacation, I also intend to go on the 'heroes' hike that I've been doing for a few years now with other fellow Ayn Rand fans, or, to be more specific, Andrew Bernstein fans, since this bi-annual hike was originally inspired by his novel 'Heart of a Pagan.' There's a scene in the novel in which the hero, a extraordinary college basketball player named Swoop, gets fellow students, teammates and fans to accompany him to a mountain top and profess what they are most proud of about their lives, their achievements and such. (This is a counter to the church's confessionals, where people go beg forgiveness for their 'sins.') So each spring and fall we 'Heart of a Pagan' fans climb to the top of Breakneck Ridge along the Hudson, starting in a small town called Cold Spring in upstate New York, and do same. Come join us to express your pride."

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