Sunday, May 6, 2007

The Latest Version of The American Individualist

Welcome to the latest blog of The American Individualist. For reasons still unknown to me, I was unable to log on to my previous blog of the same name, so I decided to create a whole new site. I wasn unsatisfied with the previous blog, and was considering an upgrade, so this was the perfect opportunity to start from scratch.

Note that the URL from my previous blog did not include the "the" at the start of address. Now this one does and should make finding The American Individualist easier.

I plan to post on a much more regular basis now, so please check in more often. Over the next few weeks, I will feature some new material, from new opinion columns to brief commentaries on the latest news, and I also plan to mix in some of my favorite posts from my previous blog.

So please make sure you send my URL to other interested parties

Thank you and happy reading!

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